How do you make a good impression on someone? Your body language is the answer!

Plus: How do people REALLY experience love at first sight?

HOUSTON – First impressions are a big deal—especially when it comes to interviewing for a new job or going on a date with a potential relationship partner.

Body language expert Jan Hargrave talked us through what we get out of first impressions, and things to keep in mind, before we draw positive or negative conclusions.

You may be thinking, well what is the TRUE definition of a first impression? A first impression is the instant conclusion we come up with after meeting someone for the first time.

Initially, after meeting someone, people typically form 2 opinions about that individual. One, being how warm and trustworthy the person is, and two, thinking about their intentions.

When it comes to first date impressions, those who experience ‘love at first sight,’ are primarily influenced by not what they see, but how the person makes them feel this irresistible impression.

It takes a split second to notice someone; and in that split second, you’ve already processed whether you like them or not.

Watch the video above for Derrick and Jan’s conversation about body language and interactions that allow us to make first impressions.


- Is the person approachable, likable, attractive and competent?

- Another few seconds and you’ve completely formed an opinion of this person.

- Deep inside, you know if you still want to approach this person or stay away from them

- Greet the person with a sincere smile.

- Don’t take yourself too seriously.

- Take your focus off of how you’re coming across or what you’ll say next, and pay attention to the other person (he or she will sense that you’re truly interested in what they have to say).

- If your first impression of them was negative, challenge that first (not so positive) impression and look for things to like about them.

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