Houston rap icon Paul Wall on new music, Astros and how you can party with him

HOUSTON – The People’s Champ, Paul Wall, is in party mode!

He just celebrated his 42nd birthday earlier this month and is telling us how you can win a chance to party with him and even win a custom gold grillz from his friend, world-famous jeweler Johnny Dang.

It’s all part of his new partnership with Paul Masson Brandy and they are giving out a free private concert for you and 15 of your friends, a custom Grill & drinks. It’s free to enter for people 21 and up.

One lucky fan will be chosen and Paul Wall will perform his biggest hits like “Still Tippin,” “Grillz,” and “Break Em’ Off, just for their VIP guests!

The Grammy-nominated rapper also talked about family life and making music for the Astros.

Will he be making a new tune for our World Champions?. Where can you sign up for your shot to win a Party with Paul?

Find out by watching the complete video above.

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