Bring life to your front door with a DIY living wreath for Spring

HOUSTON – Texas A&M Alum, Master Gardener and Instagram Influencer Rhonda Kaiser was in-studio today to discuss wreaths for your front door that you can create from home, with the help of a little DIY action!

Southern Home and Farm is Rhonda’s business, and it’s a pursuit of all things garden, design, vintage décor and farm! She showcases curated home, farm and garden scenery while sharing her expertise and select vintage finds.

She’s a Texas Master Gardener and former Florist, believing in sharing knowledge, growing beautiful things and giving back to the community while encouraging others to do the same.

Watch the video above for the full demo, and see the instructions and materials below!


- Living wreath form with liner

- Variety of annual herbs or succulents

- Potting soil/Cactus soil

- Moss

- Sharp scissors


STEP 1- Use a two-part wire wreath form and separate the two pieces. Before placing the liner in the form, make sure to moisten thoroughly. Place the jute liner (plastic side in) and fill it with moistened potting soil. Then, cover the soil with the second jute piece and clip the wire frame into place. You can plant on either side of the wreath.

STEP 2- Using sharp scissors, cut holes into the liner into an ‘X’ shape. Be sure to space your plants evenly.

STEP 3- Plant your plants through each slit.

STEP 4- Once finished, lay the wreath flat on its back to give it a dew days to settle in, then hang in place. The plants will soon adjust to vertical living and will fill out the entire wreath.

If you’re wondering where you can purchase a living wreath form, click here.

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