Tips for gettin your boots shined: from the right soap, to what’s in that bottle of ‘spit shine’

HOUSTON – As the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo comes to an end this weekend, many of us have walked to dirt-filled roads around NRG Park a number of times over the last 3 weeks leaving our boots quite dirty.

But before the Rodeo finishes up, why not head back out for one last boot shine??

Most boots CAN be shined...that means even those pretty pink ones, or even the alligator boots. Of course some require different soaps than others.

Mel Camp sat down to get her pink boots shined with the lovely Patricia, who has been shining about 50 pairs of boots a day during this rodeo season.

She had some great tips when it comes to shining any pair of boots:

* According to Patricia, these are the boots you CAN shine: leather, exotics like ostrich, caiman belly boots, alligator, fish

* Suede boots can be can be cleaned with a special cleaner, while being brushed a certain way. You also don’t polish new buck boots.

* First you get rid of the excess strings on the sides by using a lighter to burn them off. This will keep the strings from unravelling.

* Next you saddle soap the whole boot.

* Then Patricia runs a toothbrush over the boot to clean the threads and soles to get any dirt or dust off.

* Next is the conditioner which helps keep the leather moist.

* After one last buff and a spray of “spit shine” (water with a touch of alcohol) your boots a ready!

At the end of Mel’s boot shine, she asked Patricia what her hands are like at the end of the day.

Patricia answered, “Dirty.” ;-)

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