Houston Latino Film Festival is back with more films than before

HOUSTON – The festival is back and at total capacity since the pandemic, with more movies than before.

This five-day event is produced by a non-profit, Latino arts organization dedicated to developing, promoting, and increasing awareness of Latino culture, representing the great diversity of themes and genres of Latino and Hispanic filmmaking. Plus, the festival allows the audience to participate in discussions with the directors.

Every year, the organization receive more submission than before from filmmakers from Latin America, Spain, and the United States. This year, they received approximately 500 films, up from 300. With so many movies to choose from, here are three you should check out.

1. CARAJITA (From Dominican Republic)

2. THE BEASTS (From Spain)

3. THE BROTHERS (From the United States)

You can catch these films from now until Sunday, March 19 at the Midtown Arts & Theater Center Houston. Click here for tickets and event information.

Watch the video above with the full interview about the festival.

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