Local gift expert Alton Dulaney shares 3 fresh ideas to bring to your holiday gift exchange

HOUSTON – Tired of bringing the same old a bottle of wine or scented candle to a gift exchange?

We’ve got 3 fresh ideas from a gift exchange expert!

Alton Dulaney from ‘The Great Gift Exchange’ is sharing a few tips for when it comes to bringing the gift everyone will want.

Lauren Kelly and Alton did a little shopping inside Crate & Barrel to find some different gift ideas you can bring to any type of party:

1 – A charcuterie board. They’re all the rage right now, and you can even purchase the little cheese knives as an added bonus.

2 – Cookbook. A classic gift that continues to keep on giving throughout the whole year. Add a gift card to the top and you’ve easily doubled your gift. Also, it’s good for men and women.

3 – An ice mold to use in a signature drink or cocktail. Wine glasses are cool…but what about a neat ice cube mold to shape your beverage’s ice in a fancy shape? There are tons of shapes out there, so you can choose your favorite design or go for a generic one.

Watch as Lauren and Alton share more gift ideas to use at your gift exchanges this year.

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