Fun facts about all of the traditional holiday decorations set up at Highland Village

HOUSTON – If you think your house is hard to decorate for the holidays, wait until you hear what goes into the decorations at Highland Village!

Derrick Shore chatted with Lauren Leal all about how many lights, how much glitter, and how long it takes to put this beautiful display up for the holidays each year.

Here’s a small break down of all the decor:

- It takes a crew of 15 members 28 nights from 10p-6a to complete the decorations

- With what started out with just one bow has now turned into 7 custom bows on each of the rooftops and garages.

- There are over 5000 red roses throughout the shopping center.

- 2000 pounds of red glitter for the custom bows, created uniquely for each location.

- Over half a million lights strung throughout, including on the palm trees.

Highland Village originally opened in 1957, and that’s why it’s earned the name of “Houston’s Landmark Shopping Center” for all of its history and yearly beautiful holiday decor.

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