CELEBRATION for Logos Prep; Monumental Comeback earns the Lions their first TAPPS Title

CELEBRATION for Logos Prep; Monumental Comeback earns the Lions their first TAPPS Title (Copyright (c) 2022 VYPE - All rights reserved)

Against all odds, the Logos Prep Lions flexed their resiliency against the favored Hill Country Christian, earning their first TAPPS Six-Man 1A State Championship.

With only 4 minutes left in the game, and facing a deficit of 18 points, it appeared that Logos Prep’s chances of a Title were over. However, the Lions went on a tear to pull off a miraculous comeback, in which, they defeated the Knights 54-52.

“When you combine toughness and focus you end up with execution,” said Head Coach Kevin Edelbrock. “For us, we have a special group of kids, and that’s what it usually takes to pull off a victory like this, as a 25-point underdog. And that’s what our boys were able to do, especially at the end.”

In order to pull off this type of upset, Coach Edelbrock explained that the team’s “secret ingredient” to their victory could be attributed to the seniors on the team, namely, RB Barrett Zgarba, LB Nathan Rabb, and WR/FS Cole Hogan.

“They [the seniors on the team] exemplified what it means to never give up,” Coach Edelbrock said. “We talk a lot about not worrying about the score or result, but just ‘Do the next right thing.’ Those young men are led by six different captains who stayed focused and never gave up. They have no quit in them.”

Another clutch performance that cannot be overlooked is that of senior Kicker Carson Goldy, who managed to deliver three successful onside kicks to flip the momentum of the game.

“He [Goldy} has all the talent to kick at any Division 1 school in the nation and any program would be lucky to have him,” said Coach Edelbrock. “In six-man football, the onside kick is of the utmost importance and, throughout the year, I watched Carson really perfect a variety of kicks. To recover three in a championship game changes everything and the entire kickoff team deserves credit.”

Logos Prep, a fairly new school, opened in 2006. Considering the fact that the football program was not established until 2010, winning the school’s first State Title, in football, will surely be invaluable for the school and its athletic program.

“More and more athletes are seeing our University Model school as a place to, not only, better prepare to be successful in college and in life, but, also, to have a competitive athletic experience, with coaches who truly care about them,” Coach Edelbrock said. “To win, in this sort of fashion, or in any fashion, both team and individual, is something that you simply have to soak up.”

This monumental victory must have been incredible to witness. However, the postgame experience will be something the players and coaches never forget.

“It [the postgame] was pure joy and exhilaration,” said Coach Edelbrock said. “We were so happy for those boys and their families, as well as for everyone attached to the Logos Prep. It was a celebration like none other. The guys were going crazy in the locker room and we just reveled in all the incredible plays and all the moments that the boys made happen.”