Klein Cain's Pyle picks up USC Offer as Rising 2024 Prospect

Klein Cain's Pyle picks up USC Offer as Rising 2024 Prospect
Klein Cain's Pyle picks up USC Offer as Rising 2024 Prospect (Copyright (c) 2021 VYPE - All rights reserved)

HOUSTON - As an offensive lineman it really comes down to a science to get big enough to be productive against opposing defensive linemen and also fast enough to be a force in the offensive scheme your team runs.

Gibson Pyle has got the science down. Even to meal planning, which many sophomores in high school are definitely not doing.

"Meal prepping was my whole summer and it took a lot of commitment of forcing myself to down those last meals at night," Pyle said. "It payed off because right before fall I clocked in at 265 which is a lot better from starting summer at 250 and gained it the right way with muscle."

Pyle had a busy summer.

The 6-foot-4, 265-pound offensive lineman visited Ole Miss, Alabama, Texas A&M, USC, and Texas to round out his summer visits, which proved to be eye-opening experiences.

"My favorite part was definitely being able to see what hard work could accomplish," Pyle said. "I think my favorite part was being able to talk to Cedric [Melton], former right tackle from Klein Cain at Ole Miss, and talk about how college was. Also seeing [Alabama coach] Nick Saban was very cool."

The visits and his work on the field has seemed to pay off already, just as a sophomore. This past week, after taking an unofficial visit to USC, Pyle received his first offer, which came from the Trojans.

"I mean, it's really surreal to get an offer as such a big Power 5 school," Pyle said. "I'm super blessed to be offered that as my first. I definitely think that visiting there twice shows the coaching staff there I am very interested. It feels amazing."

With an USC offer in his pocket now, Pyle is still getting interest from other schools but for now has no plans on making visits this fall.

"I really am looking forward to go play football on Fridays and get some wins with my teammates," Pyle said.

Talking about that team, Klein Cain enters this week at 2-1, winners of back-to-back games, and Pyle is one of the starting offensive linemen for the Hurricanes. As a sophomore.

"Being a sophomore starter on varsity isn't an easy task," Pyle said. "It took a lot of hard work and mentoring from older players like John Dos Santos and Coach Poth to get me from a freshman to now. Still have a ton of work to be done."

As he continues to develop, Pyle said he is working on "keeping low on my blocks" and "staying in the fit to really finish my blocks".

Get to Know Gibson Pyle

VYPE: What is your hype song?


My hype song would definitely be BST or Last Strike from Polo G. He's by far my favorite artist

VYPE: What are you watching on Netflix?
Pyle: Right now I'm watching some Hunter x Hunter on Netflix when I can catch some episodes at night.


What is something people may not know about you?

Pyle: Most people don't know but I'm a big anime fan and love some good Waffle House.