Katy church hosts Pride Bingo Night to raise money for transgender youth

KATY, Texas – On Saturday, the LGBTQ+ community came together to host a Pride Bingo Night event to raise money for transgender youth.

The event was held at the First Christian Church in Katy.

For most of the evening, the event was positive and peaceful until protesters showed up. KPRC 2 captured two people being detained by law enforcement.

Last year, the church hosted a similar event where hundreds of supporters and protesters expressed their views.

Pride supporters stood outside the church holding signs and waving pride flags.

The Drag Bingo event was all about transgender youth and raising money for the church’s Transparent Closet and the addition of a new youth safe space. Several LGBTQ+ people and activists showed their support.

KPRC spoke to Reverend Heather Tolleson about the recent bill the governor signed that would stop trans youth from receiving gender affirming care. She said her goal is to always be supportive.

“You know it’s hard to speak for other people right, but our job here at FCC Katy, what we have taken on, (is) to bear mission...to provide those safe spaces. Right now, with what’s going on in the climate and Texas legislative session is hurtful to our trans community, so we are going to fill the space with as much love as we can and offer places of education, gathering,” Tolleson said.

KPRC also filmed two male supporters get placed in handcuffs by law enforcement. Police have not said what lead up to the arrest or if they were facing any charges. We spoke to the protesters who told KPRC they were assaulted.

“We were out here praying in front of that church. They did not like it very much. First chance they got, they jumped us. They tried to physically assault us. They took my sign,” Max said.

Other residents said they were gearing up for the Katy Pride Festival on Oct. 14.

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