Score points this Holiday Season with these 12 stellar Cyber Monday deals all under $30

12 stellar Cyber Monday (via StackCommerce)

Now that you’ve battled your way through the hordes of Black Friday shoppers, time to gear back, grab your laptop or mobile device of choice, and let Cyber Monday come to you. No lines here, but the doorbuster deals are still in effect with these 12 Cyber Monday deals that are all available now for under $30.

Now through Wednesday, enjoy some of the lowest prices of the year on some of our best-selling items – and none of them will throw your holiday shopping budget out of whack. Of course, that only gives you 72 hours – because once these items are sold out, they’re gone.

Sam’s Club 1-Year Membership

Sam's Club (via StackCommerce)

You already know that being a Sam’s Club member could consolidate all your 2023 grocery, electronics, furniture and other critical purchases to one place as well as save some serious money -- and at 60% off, the membership itself is less than the cost of a tank of gas. And to sweeten the deal, you’ll also get a complimentary household card for more savings off a host of Sam’s Club favorites.

Get a 1-Year Sam’s Club Membership for $19.99 (Reg. $50).

6-Piece Bamboo-Blend Comfort Luxury Sheet Set

Bamboo Comfort 6-Piece Luxury Sheet Set (via StackCommerce)

Comfort always starts with some great sheets, so this 6-piece set offers an eco-friendly bamboo fiber blend that’s soft, breathable, hypoallergenic, and wrinkle-free. Bamboo viscose is often hard to distinguish from silk or Egyptian cotton, while costing a whole lot less. They’re also 40 percent more absorbent than even the best cotton sheets, pulling away moisture to keep your bed dry and comfortable, even during hot summer nights.

Get the 6-Piece Bamboo-Blend Comfort Luxury Sheet Set for $22.99 (Reg. $119).

Flux 7 TWS Earbuds with Wireless Charging Case and Power Bank

Flux 7 TWS Earbuds w/ Wireless Charging Case & Power Bank (via StackCommerce)

These buds are primed to serve as smartphone earbuds of choice, featuring advanced noise-reduction tech designed to cut down on unwanted noise intruding into your music or phone calls. Driven by a built-in 2000mAh polymer lithium battery, there’s enough power to keep going for up to 5 hours in standby mode. And if you do run out of juice, the charging pack means you’ve always got a power stockpile ready to go.

Get the Flux 7 TWS Earbuds with Wireless Charging Case and Power Bank for $19.99 (Reg. $99.99).

Apple Watch Portable USB Charger

Apple Watch Portable USB Charger (via StackCommerce)

A perfectly, on-the-go way of making sure your favorite wrist companion stays up and running in any situation. With a built-in magnetic adsorption module, your watch immediately starts charging on contact, taking you to 100% battery life in about 2 to 3 hours. At three inches long, this charger can hook to a bag or keychain, or slip effortlessly into your pocket. Just pop the charger’s USB port into a laptop or other device, lay the Apple Watch on top and you’re in business.

Get the Apple Watch Portable USB Charger for $12.99 (Reg. $39.95).

Evertone Prosage Copper Massager with 3 Massage Heads

Evertone Prosage Copper Massager (via StackCommerce)

Since a trained masseur isn’t always practical logistically or financially, this massager can pick up the slack, breaking up sore, barking muscle groups like a pro. It comes with three massage heads and four variable speeds for attacking pain in the arm, leg, hip, and feet muscles. It can even dig deep into hard-to-reach places like your neck and back. Plus, it’s sporting a 2,900 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery for up to 8 hours of use.

Get the Evertone Prosage Copper Massager for $29.99 (Reg. $39.99).

KiTiDOT: The Amusing Cat Collar Toy

KiTiDOT: The Amusing Cat Collar Toy (via StackCommerce)

A fit cat is a happy cat – and with an inexhaustible and uncatchable red dot projecting from this collar, your cat can expend all that kitty energy while sharpening their inherent hunting instincts. Your cat controls the laser, which can cycle through three different beam modes while never blasting into their eyes. It’s a fun, safe way to keep your feline occupied at all times.

Get the KiTiDOT: The Amusing Cat Collar Toy for $22.99 (Reg. $25).

Milani Blanket with Hoodie

Milani Blanket with Hoodie (via StackCommerce)

Envelope yourself in warmth with the uber-comfy micro plush blanket with its own hoodie for a true cocoon of comfort. One one side, this 50″ x 70″ blanket sports ultra-soft flannel fleece, while the other is made of cozy warm sherpa for a softness that feels like velvet as you curl up on the couch. With a button snap, the blanket converts into a wearable robe, even including a pair of convenient pockets. It’s also available in six fun colors and patterns, including leopard, crocodile, and zebra prints.

Get the Milani Blanket with Hoodie for $29.99 (Reg. $125).

The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle

The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle (via StackCommerce)

Not many activities offer hours of fun AND the chance at $1 million…but this is no ordinary puzzle. Snap this tricky 500-piece puzzle into place, scan the QR code image it creates, then see if you’re the lucky winner of $1 million. While only two will take home that grand prize, everyone who completes the puzzle and scans the code will win something. So tell us a million bucks wouldn’t be a fun way to celebrate on Christmas morning!

Get The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle for $19.99 (Reg. $30)

Fenne Hair Dryer

The Fenne Hair Dryer (via StackCommerce)

If you’re doing your hair at home (or even on the road), pack salon-quality equipment like this 3-speed, pro-grade hairdryer. You can adjust the heat to help protect against heat damage. Meanwhile, the pair of attachments, including a concentrator for blowouts and a diffuser for handling curls, offers all kinds of styling options. And just as any pro stylist knows, the extra-long power cord is a sneaky important added feature a user will definitely appreciate.

Get the Fenne Hair Dryer for $29.99 (Reg. $350)

USB-C Portable Apple Watch Charger

USB-C Portable Apple Watch Charger (via StackCommerce)

Unlike other chargers that make connections dicey, this one features a built-in magnetic absorption module so the watch and charger connect and power up seamlessly. Lightweight and portable, it works with every variety of Apple Watch and can get a device from dead to fully charged in under 3 hours. Just plug it into your USB power source and you’re ready to go.

Get the USB-C Portable Apple Watch Charger for $14.99 (Reg. $29.99).

Smile Idol X7 Sonic Toothbrush With 4 Brush Heads

Smile Idol™ X7 Sonic Toothbrush (via StackCommerce)

Vibrating at up to 40,000 strokes per minute, sonic toothbrushes actually hit your teeth about five times more often than with an electric, so it makes sense you’d get a seriously improved cleaning. The Smile Idol features six different sonic functions for keeping your teeth clean and white with up to 99% more plaque removal than a traditional brush. Fully rechargeable, the X7 even cues the user every 30 seconds so you can get an even cleaning across the entire mouth.

Get the Smile Idol X7 Sonic Toothbrush for $19.99 (Reg. $89.99).

Lavisha Cashmere Shawl

Lavisha Cashmere Shawl (via StackCommerce)

Yes, it’s gorgeous – and yes, it’s absolutely cashmere. Made from supremely warm, supremely elegant, and ever-so luxurious cashmere wool, this is a must-have winter accessory that can’t be ignored. Drape it over your shoulders and its ample six feet of length and stylish fringe will instantly have you feeling ready to walk the runway. It’s available in 17 different colors to match the style and color palette of literally everyone on your holiday shopping list.

Get the Lavisha Cashmere Shawl for $14.99 (Reg. $99.95)

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